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Boxing is a challenging and amazing workout, mentally as well as physically. Our boxing class is technique-centered, but still a killer endurance, muscle tone, and cardio workout! Learn to really box and start building the body you really want all in one fun class session! It’s also a favorite of our ownership here at Tapout Norcross, so the program gets lots of personal attention from the leadership, ensuring its top of the line. We offer 3 specific types of boxing classes at Tapout Norcross: kickboxing, cardio boxing, and cardio kickboxing.


Kickboxing has really exploded in popularity in recent years, due to its exciting nature, great total body workout potential, and useful skills development. Tapout Norcross offers some of the best kickboxing instruction in Atlanta, whether you are looking for serious tournament level training or an amazing cardio kickboxing calorie burn class.


The cardio boxing class is set to a faster pace than boxing class, has a greater emphasis on strength and muscle endurance (like kettle bell and dumbbell work), and uses more bag work vs. focus mitt drilling and technical review. Expect to burn 800 to 1100 calories in a 1-hour cardio boxing class.


Cardio kickboxing is set to loud, high BPM music with a high-energy instruction style, fast paced movements, and minimal breakages to discuss technical skills. Bags, pads, and shadow work will all be incorporated, as will station style strength and conditioning training. Basic technical demonstrations and individual instruction on proper form of kicks and punches is done by the instructor (we always make sure we teach basic proper form at Tapout Norcross, this IS NOT a La Fitness cardio kickboxing class after all!) but the key to this class is keeping it moving and keeping those calories burning.


One of the most popular forms of group exercise in the market right now are HIT boot camps. These are classes, structured around stations, with an exercise at each station, which are performed one right after another for a set amount of time (usually 30 seconds to 3 minutes) in a circuit. Classes consist of a combination of strength and muscle development movements using powerlifting and body building barbell/dumbbell/kettle bell stations, body weight strength, and tone like sit-ups or pull ups, agility and balance work like ladder drills, and cardio endurance like sprints and jump rope. Our boot camps use all of the above, but because we are Tapout Norcross, we also often (but not always) incorporate kickboxing and boxing stations into our boot camps. Boot camps are effective due to the “combined arms” effect of using cardio/calorie burn workouts and resistance based muscle-building workouts, which is the key to reshaping a body. They’re also fun and fresh because the stations change all the time, there is no end to the different combination’s an instructor can use to build a Boot Camp, and at Tapout Norcross we’re creative!


What gym is complete without a yoga class? So what’s different about the Tapout Norcross yoga class? Our yoga program was designed by (and is taught by) an 8th degree black belt in Ishinru Karate with the intent purpose of creating a yoga program that will give you endurance, tone, and flexibility in the areas that we are most weak in, including core, hamstrings, and calves.


Developed in Brazil, this submission and grappling martial art form is effective and tough! Our classes are small so you get lots of one on one time with the instructor for rapid skills development and belt promotion potential.


Tapout offers its members the chance to test their skills in the ring! Come to our live sparring night and knuckle up against an opponent (remember it’s all in good fun!)


This is a class designed to teach you pure self-defense. Though it does consist of some warm-up exercises and some endurance drills, the bulk of what you are doing will be technical instruction on how to defend yourself in real world situations, where there are no gloves, no 3 minute rounds, and no referee.


A great way to bridge the gap for people who have some interest in learning submissions/grappling/BJJ, but don’t want to fully commit to the program, you’ll learn takedowns, basic subs, and body movement leverage your weight properly against an opponent on the ground. It’s also a great workout at you’ll be doing a BJJ/MMA cardio endurance portion of class as well as the technical instruction.


Every Sunday we have blocked out 2 hours for open BJJ matt work, and 2 hours for open ring time to spar boxing or kickboxing. No instructors are teaching, though staff is present, and all contact is light. Safety gear rules apply as always. This is simply a blocked out time that members can gather in hopes of having someone to train with.


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