A boxing specific class where you will learn boxing techniques, drills, and improve your overall fitness level. Elements of cardio and strength incorporated.


Strike Kickboxing is a fitness based class using the newest striking techniques to get you in shape and looking your best. Based on the curriculum created by Coach Brandon Gibson of Jackson Wink MMA Academy, you will incorporate core body mechanics while learning the latest boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations. You will learn striking and kickboxing while getting an amazing workout! Tapout Strike will start with a pre workout to get your blood pumping, move into conditioning and stretching, followed by fitness striking and a post workout. This class is for adults, kids 14 and up. For other kids, please talk to a Tapout Team Member for approval.


Tapout Fit is a challenging and adaptable workout. Using elements of resistance training, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Tapout Fit will condition your whole body no matter what your fitness goals in this 30 min class. This class combines striking combinations and interval training that will build muscle and shed fat at unbelievable rates. 


This is an addictive high intensity interval training (HIIT), with full body functional fitness in mind. This combines explosive aerobic movements with anaerobic strength exercises that will maximize calorie burning.
A workout created with the right mix of strength, cardio and core work. This class will be unexpected & mixed up every week to take your fitness to its maximum potential! Bootcamp style training.


Tapout BOOTCAMP is a class designed to build strength and increase cardiovascular conditioning through a variety of intense intervals. Tapout Bootcamp will implement a martial arts philosophy while combining traditional bootcamp exercises and drills. This is a full body workout designed for all fitness and skill levels.


In this class you will learn and build on to fundamentals of boxing footwork, technique, mitt holding, and more. This class will take place on the mats where you will practice and learn with your fellow students.


Strategy and tactics in all 5 ranges of the fight. Stand up, clinch, ground.. all techniques will be taught and learned.
It is not required that you’re a fighter or in tournaments to attend this class. You will learn how to train like one and get into shape like a fighter; physically and mentally.


Description coming soon…


Introduce your kids to martial arts through Tapout Martial Arts. In this class, based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program, students learn the values of martial arts: respect, focus, and discipline.
Class is made up of physical and mental exercises, mixed martial arts techniques, and a series of games that benefit the students physically while challenging their minds. Students hone their martial arts techniques in an environment that encourages personal growth.
Ages 5-16


Hop onto the mats to combine several martial arts skillsets. Technique, instruction, and grappling will occur in this all inclusive class. This class is great for both seasoned fighters and novices alike. 


Muay Thai – The art of 8 limbs. Learn striking techniques, drills, and overall fitness conditioning.
Working with pads, bags, and partner work in this class.


Based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program. Class consists of physical and mental exercises, mixed martial arts techniques. This class if for those enrolled in the MMA belt program and will work specifically on ground techniques and grappling.

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