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Tapout Strike

A Knockout Workout for All Fitness Levels

Our patented fitness class, Tapout Strike, is one of the most dynamic, exciting, and comprehensive fitness classes in the industry. An optimal combination of several different kinds of training, this 45 minute class is a complete workout by itself, hitting all the marks of a good workout. Created by Brandon Gibson, members who attend Tapout Strike benefit from years of practice of Mixed Martial Arts.

More Than a One/Two Combo

Tapout Strike is the optimal way to learn striking in a fitness contest, but this class is more multi-dimensional than that. A thorough understanding of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and total body fitness informed the creation of Tapout Strike.


Tapout Strike helps you get motivated and get fit with its complete workout. The many components of this class work together to achieve all your fitness goals—whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, gain muscle, or prepare for an event.

The makeup of this exciting, high-energy class include:

  • Core body mechanics
  • The latest boxing practice
  • Constantly updated kickboxing techniques
  • Up to the moment striking
  • Fresh bag and mitt work

The Greg Jackson System

Greg Jackson is one of the most well-known coaches in Mixed Martial Arts. His work with such athletes as George St. Pierre, Jon Jones, and Sarah Kaufman has proven that he is one of the best MMA coaches in the industry.

  • Core body mechanics
  • The latest boxing practice
  • Constantly updated kickboxing techniques
  • Up to the moment striking
  • Fresh bag and mitt work

Hit All the Marks of a Good Workout

Proper technique is key to any fitness regimen, and Tapout Strike is certainly no exception. The 45 minutes you spend in a Tapout Strike class with one of our certified fitness instructors will cover all the steps of an effective workout:

  • Get your blood pumping with a pre-workout
  • Strengthen and tone your muscles with a conditioning session
  • Loosen your body up with stretching
  • Hone your technique and increase your fitness with striking practice
  • Cool down with a post-workout


A Striking Expert: Coach Brandon Gibson

From the time he was young, Brandon Gibson was practicing and perfecting his martial arts and kickboxing skills, training under famed MMA coaches. He eventually transitioned from trainee to trainer, becoming a coach at Jackson Wink MMA Academy. It is there that he coached some of the great fighters in the sport: Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, John Dodson, and more.

Tapout Fitness saw how Coach Gibson’s expertise could turn into a dynamic and fun class for Tapout Fitness members to use, and thus Coach Gibson developed Tapout Strike. Translating his striking, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts expertise into a class that can work for all fitness levels was Gibson’s great contributions to Tapout Fitness.


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