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All classes at Tapout Fitness Raleigh, NC are led by our highly trained, carefully selected Master Trainers. And their focus is always on you. You will receive personalized attention while feeling part of the group … no matter what size class or what time of day.

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Tapout sweat

Tapout Sweat is a highly addictive, results-driven workout combining kettlebells, battle ropes and the modern equipment used by today’s champions to get you in peak condition. Get in phenomenal shape and have fun while doing it.

Tapout Martial
Arts Adults

Designed by Greg Jackson, Tapout Martial Arts incorporates the techniques that the pros use and makes them accessible to everyone. You’ll not only train like a pro, but you’ll also benefit from the martial arts mind-body connection, the key to outstanding results.

Tapout Martial Arts Kids

Adapted for children, Tapout Martial Arts teaches kids great life skills, including self-confidence, focus and self-defense, in a fun and engaging way.  

Tapout FIT

Tapout Fit combines exciting striking combinations with functional body weight exercises in a high-intensity, circuit-training format. Learn real boxing techniques on our innovative Focusmaster striking equipment while taking your workout to the next level. Let our certified instructors guide you to the best shape of your life with this transformative workout.

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This 60 minute high energy class will combine elements of boxing along with other exercises and drills commonly found in a bootcamp style workout. This class is great for cardio, agility, and strength. The first half of class will be a bootcamp style circuit that will work every part of your body. The second half of the class will be primarily boxing, consisting of heavy bag work. If you love boxing and enjoy bootcamp workouts this is a class you will not want to miss out on! This class is highly recommended for obstacle course race athletes and weekend warriors alike!

Muay Thai – The art of 8 limbs. Learn striking techniques, drills, and overall fitness conditioning.
Working with pads, bags, and partner work in this class.

This Jiu Jitsu classis NO GI, and covers techniques used in many disciplines, styles and martial arts that are practiced both as combat sports and for self-defense. Jiu Jitsu most commonly does not include striking or the use of weapons. Based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program. Class consists of physical and mental exercises.

Focusmaster was named America’s Next Fitness Phenomenon on SpikeTV’s new series Sweat Inc, hosted by Jillian Michaels! Focusmaster will get you stronger, leaner and have you feeling unstoppable. Our unique designed Focusmaster G-1000™ is state of the art equipment perfect for anyone looking to get in the best shape of their life.

No experience is needed, as all of the combinations are based on basic boxing and kickboxing fundamentals and our resistance training comes from your own body weight. Morning or night, all you need is 30 minutes with Focusmaster and your transformation begins. This 30 minute class is a total body workout utilizing the Focusmaster machine. After a brief, but intense, warmup you will glove up and begin 2-3 minute rounds of striking against the Focusmaster machine. The class will conclude with an ab session and cool down.

Boxing is a challenging and amazing workout, mentally as well as physically. Our Tapout Fitness Boxing class is technique-centered, but still delivers a killer endurance, muscle tone, and cardio workout! Learn to really box—and start building the body you really want all in one fun class session!

Strategy and tactics in all 5 ranges of the fight. Stand up, clinch, ground — all techniques will be taught and learned.
It is not required that you’re a fighter or in tournaments to attend this class. You will learn how to train like one and get into shape like a fighter; physically and mentally.

Strike Kickboxing is a fitness based class using the newest striking techniques to get you in shape and looking your best. Based on the curriculum created by Coach Brandon Gibson of Jackson Wink MMA Academy, you will incorporate core body mechanics while learning the latest boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations. You will learn striking and kickboxing while getting an amazing workout! Strike Kickboxing will start with a pre workout to get your blood pumping, move into conditioning and stretching, followed by fitness striking and a post workout. This class is for adults, kids 14 and up. For other kids, please talk to a Tapout Fitness Team Member for approval.